Hotel Architecture Project in Salou

The Hotel Planas from the seaside resort of Salou space occupies a superb beachfront next to the historic Bonet square. The building has been renovated many times over the past century as the current heritage intervention increased two floors in the 60s .
Our study led by architect Roger Blasco teams with the VVM study Barcelones architect Ventura Valcarce prize winner Ciutat Barcelona to prepare a proposal for reform of the Hotel.
This proposal is inspired by the modern architecture of Miami. It is played with an intervention of color in the hollow facade and creating a new skin like a sieve.
Inside the distribution of vertical access cores gaining new rooms and better enforcement of existing legislation is rearranged .
Finally bet enhance intervention deck spaces attic to win a Barcelona street open to chill -out space overlooking the sea and the recovery of the gardens at ground floor with a pool area for guests and a snack bar .

Directors Architects: Roger Blasco (ERBA) - Ventura Valcarce (VVM)

Senior Architects: Xavier Lecumberri i Alvaro Valcarce.

Model: Xavier Lecumberri

Model 3D: Estudi Erba

Ubication: Salou (Tarragona)

Year: 2013