Logo Design

The Association 365 of Salou works on various campaigns and activities with the primary aim to support, group and represent all service industry, trade professionals and restoration of Salou by promoting and defending their interests.

Up to date their campaigns were signed by few commercial pictograms with different colors and comic sans font.

Erba proposes a new logo that represent different members of 365's association. A chameleonic logo that is most defined by the rule that by the form.
We established the concept using different photos of scenes or commercial products where those could be represented by abstract dots. Finally, these dots were defined by the 365's shape, that acts like a container.

In this way we maintain the shape of the logo. 365 is the container, and the content is changing thanks to dots and the ability to use colors, assimilated by the association and its previous pictogram.

Graphic Design: Estudi Erba
Year: 2013
Client: Asociación de comerciantes de Salou www.shoppingsalou.com